Close to the motorway E4

Bolmen is the tenth largest lake in Sweden, 185 km2. It is situated between the provinces of Småland and Halland and is accompanied by dark and silent forests. The closest city to lake Bolmen is Ljungby situated the motorway E4 only 20 km from the lake. Bolmen is 140 m above sea level and has over 300 islands. Bolmsö is the largest island and is connected to the main land via a bridge and a toll free ferry.

Easy to get there

You reach Bolmen easiest via the following roads. From the south via E4 Helsingborg- Stockholm, road 25 Halmstad -Ljungby and road 26 Halmstad-Jönköping.

What you can catch

The most common species of fish are pike, walleye, perch but if you are lucky you can also catch an eel.


So regardless if you are just passing by or are planning a vacation we wish you welcome to lake Bolmen.


Happy fishing!